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Motorized Roller and Patio Shades

Exterior Shades on Zipper Track System

These shades run along a zipper track system to fully enclose the patio on this beautiful Santa Fe home.

Q Motion Roller Shades

Q Motion battery operated roller shades can be controlled with a remote or an app on your phone or manually pulled down!  Q motion shades are extremely quiet and are great for hard to reach windows like the ones in this gorgeous Santa Fe home.

Pocket Shades

Now you see it.  Now you don't!  This is a great way to hide shades during new construction or remodel.

Exterior Roller Shades for Windows

Sometimes it's easier to just install them outside!

Solar Screens

Sometimes the architecture is too beautiful to drill holes into, so installing shades on the exterior is always a great option.

Shades for Sliding Doors

We love the way this shade covered this wide sliding door!  There wasn't enough space inside for vertical blinds and let's face it . . . vertical blinds aren't as cool as this motorized solar screen that operates with the click of a button.

Sliding Door from the Inside

Motorized solar screen from the inside!


Manually Operated Patio Shades

Patio Shades

Block the heat, keep the view, and create a beautiful outdoor living area!

Solar Screens with Bungee Cord System

This simple system works great in extremely wide patio areas where you don't want unsightly cables right in the center of your view.  The shades are held down with small bungee cods and roll up with a continuous loop chain.


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